Saturday, January 14, 2012

consumerism and me

I didn't really have much as a kid, and made a decision quite early on that my life would be better if I had a lot of money. Although this was far from a guiding principal in my developing years, it was certainly always in the back of my mind.
I went through extremes in my adolescence, from wealth and comfort to abject poverty as I traveled the globe. I still wanted to make a lot of cash, but only so it could take me to my next adventure or destination. It wasn't until marriage that I consciously made the decision to fully throw myself into my work to see how far I could take things. For some reason, I was afraid to have kids until I was sure I made enough money, and even went so far as to set a minimum salary I thought I needed to be at before we had kids. Well I hit that minimum quickly as my career progressed, and began setting other milestones I believed we needed to achieve before starting a family. I've been with J since I was 22, but by the time we had our first child I was 30, we had upgraded our house 3 times and I had doubled my 6 figure salary goal. Things have only continued from there.

Our life seems to have become a cycle of work and consumerism, and somewhere along the way having enough money to do what we wanted became having enough money to try and buy our happiness.

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