Sunday, January 15, 2012

an interlude

So we've set the scene, introduced the characters and laid out a basic back story; now what? If this were a novel or movie, I would have a sudden revelation and would introduce "the plan", antics would ensue and by the end of the story all my goals would be accomplished in a not-so-predictable manner. But this is not a novel or a story, it's my life. I haven't had a total revelation yet, but I have had some good long talks with J, and even though there is no "plan" yet, I think we're on the same page. I think we may at least have a rough idea of what we want to work towards.

I asked J to read my blog after about 4 posts. She said it was good but depressing - I asked her why and she responded with "These people are idiots". Strange looks were exchanged as I very slowly said "those people are us...". She knew this of course, but it occurred to me that maybe I was pouring a little too much honesty out on to the page, even if the names have been redacted to protect those involved. Perhaps blogs weren't meant for serious contemplation, or maybe I wasn't being funny enough? Then I started to get the emails, and the PM's, and the phone calls - OK there weren't exactly hundreds, but this blog has only gotten around 60 views so far, so I thought it was a pretty high percentage. In any case, it looks like we're not alone in our desire for change and our suspicions that we may be caught up chasing the wrong dreams. Here I was thinking that I was crazy for considering such a drastic life change, that switching directions so completely this far into the game was ridiculous, but it looks like other people may be having some of the same thoughts. Maybe we're not such idiots after all J.

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  1. You are definitely not alone. Cory and I have had this same conversation about a billion times. This spring we are going to enter the housing market again after a 2 year hiatus when we took a huge bath on our last house to move to Calgary for that "better" job. We have had so many conversations about whether we buy a cheap house so we can afford more vacations and I can afford to take a longer Mat leave with our next baby...or do we buy our dream house and be house poor. The house is reallllllly nice though. ;) Looking forward to reading about your journey. You aren't stupid, just took the same path as many of us have. On the other hand, isn't it nice to have these problems and not the problems of how to pay our bills or how to put food on the table this week?